The Part That’s Missing

What It Must Be Like

1st Glimpse of Heaven

Not a very good photo really. Except for the expression on his face, which you can’t miss. I don’t remember ever seeing this pic before.

We were at the Grand Canyon. I can’t imagine just letting him sit on a ledge like that while we snapped his picture, so it must have been safer than it looked.

All I know for sure is that he “ain’t scared.” He’s looking back at us with such utter joy and delight!

He knew he was safe. His father and I were there. He could just sit there and revel in the moment. All he had to do was just be Mikey.

Fast forward a few years.

This has to be the same face he made when he saw Heaven for the first time. When he was on the edge of life and death, there’s no indication that he was afraid.

He knew he was safe. His Father was there. And if he would have looked back, he would have seen that I’m coming too.

All he had to do was just stand there and take in God’s Glory. That’s what it’s like to be His child.