Wisdom–Passed Down, Borrowed, and Stolen

Life as Mimi Sees It

I’m the Nonny, by the way. Everything I learned about being a daughter, mother, or grandmother I learned from Dot Divine, my Mama. The kids all call her Mimi. She calls me “Charming Cherub.” Hey, don’t laugh! I might be a grandmother, but I will ALWAYS be Mama’s little girl!

Some of these are Facebook posts, some are texts, letters, poems, drawings, and anything else I can get my hands on from Mimi that I think the world needs to see!

I’m posting her truths the way they are–flaws and all. Mama is a whiz at grammar and punctuation, but she hasn’t quite mastered the computer yet (some of her more hilarious posts will make that obvious)! So if something looks weird, blame her computers. So far they seem to have all been infected with a poltergeist.

It’s a little blurry but still a great picture of Mimi! Trying on hats at the flea market with me!
Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

I don’t know how Mimi manages to talk about toes so much! The first time was another funny computer story, and the second was a bit of encouragement for hard times when God uses our messes for His message!

The most beautiful smile in the world!

Here’s a little morning “trip to seniorville” from the Mimi that she posted a while back! There’s a lot of wisdom in these words. 😎

Beautiful, Strong, and Wise—she has taught us to be FIERCE!
The Mimi

NEGATIVES. Mimi is the “smile til you mean it!” person. She looks for the positive in everything. If you want to strive to be like someone, she’s a good place to start.

I guess we can all be accused of that. Don’t let things drag on until the gap is so wide you can’t come back from it!

The Wrecking Ball
Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

I had a day like that yesterday. I won’t go into much detail, but one of the highlights is that someone ran over my vehicle at work.

Daily stress can really get to you. When life gets overwhelming, take it to your Father! God can sort it all out when we can’t.

And then do what Mimi always says:

Smile til you mean it!

Mimi looking through a cake box.
Something to chew on…

It’s always a good idea to watch what you say. Our job is to set a standard for the next generation to follow, and I gotta say, we haven’t always done the best job of it!

I made a lot of life changes because I wanted my grandbabies to see the best of me. I’m going to keep trying to push forward and set a good example.

I learned a lot from my Mama, especially about how to love. I’m not perfect and neither is the Mimi, but never doubt that we love our babies and grandkids with all our hearts!

Mama has a lot to say about judging others, something we’re all guilty of. It’s also easy to lose sight of the fact that people really can change.
Beautiful Mimi


We were talking about the earliest memories we had. Can you imagine having to live like this?

The Real Boss
Bethany met the Mimi!

I didn’t get to be there for the moment Mimi and Bethany met for the first time, but you can see by their faces that it went well!

With social distancing in place coupled with the fact that Mimi stays five hours away from us, this was the first opportunity they had to experience the joy of each other. I get teary-eyed thinking of all my blessings.

My Mama and my youngest granddaughter. More pics below. Cori is visiting her dad in Pennsylvania, so she missed this chance to see Mimi.

It’s been so long since I’ve posted! I’m pretty embarrassed about how much of a slacker I’ve become, but y’all know Covid happened, and also, Tiff and the grandbabies moved FIVE HOURS AWAY, and I’ve struggled to deal with that.

But, Nic moved closer and brought with him a beautiful new little grand toddler (picture below) and the MIMI came to visit, and doesn’t she look amazing?

I can only hope to look so good at 80 years old!

This is the gorgeous Kortni, and you will definitely be seeing more of her amazing little self! I’ll catch you up on the main page later, but for now I’m just gonna say how awesome it is to have her and her sweet Mama, Alyssa, in our lives!

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